Success, Success, and more Success

Have you ever felt like you were on a role and that nothing could stop you from doing the right things over and over again? You may ask yourself how am I doing this? Well the answer may lie with how successes effect us mentally.

Earl Miller from MIT was quoted saying that “success has a much greater influence on the brain than failure,” and because of this our brains are less likely to change what we do in order to produce the same successful results.

Take golfing for example, when you hit a 300 yard drive and all your friends┬ácongratulate, you tend to feel pretty good and your brain says “got it!”. As a result, your body is more likely to do the same thing it did last hole.

Human BrainThough this may be true, things can get complicated when you over think what you did the last whole and as a result wind up shanking the ball!


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