The importance of keeping your cool

By no means am I an expert in playing poker. I don’t even consider myself as a good poker player, but I’ve realized a lot of things after playing poker consistently over the past couple months.

In poker, you win with some big hands like a full house or a four of a kind. Then you also lose to some devastating hands, such as a three of a kind to a straight.  You can’t win every single hand in poker that you play, but what is important is how you handle your losses. One of the key things that I have learned while playing poker at least a few times a week is that when you lose you have to keep your cool. Shrug off the loss, analyze what the opponent did to win your chips, and maintain focus on the bigger picture which is WINNING!

There is no one perfect strategy in poker. There are many different ways and techniques people use to play poker. My way is to use the calculation of probabilities. It works out for me most of the time, but sometimes I lose to some people who just go with their guts.

Here an important probability to note:

Ace-King off suit has only a 46.67% chance of winning compared to a pocket pair such as pocket twos which has a 52.75% chance of winning,

Ace-King off suit compared to pocket twos

Ace-King off suit compared to pocket twos probability

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